Wednesday, May 23, 2007

3 Weeks!

Today is Carson's three week birthday! He is growing so fast and changing his looks every single day!


Robin said...

Carson! You have changed so much just in the past week! I can tell that your mommy and daddy are having so much fun with you. You are such a cutie. I can't wait until I can hold you again! Have fun sleepin' and eatin' and poopin'!

Love you!
Aunt Robin

MeMe said...

It looks like you are smiling.... I know you are thinking about how much your MeMe & Papa and Grammie & Pops love you or it might be that you have the best Mommy and Daddy ever!!! Can't wait to see you and this time I hope your awake!!
Big kiss from your MeMe :)

Anonymous said...


I agree with MeMe - You must just know how much you're loved!! I hope so - because we all love you so much and thank God that you are in our lives!!