Monday, June 11, 2007

Random Pictures

Jake and I are having so much fun with Carson. He gets more and more enjoyable each day. Today he gave us a big beautiful smile for the first time, so we are hoping to capture it on camera soon!


Robin said...

He is gorgeous!!!! I love seeing how much is growing!!!! I can't wait to see him and hold him again! I can tell from the pictures what good parents you and Jake are. I'm so proud of yall's cute family!

Love you!

Anonymous said...


You are so beautiful! Your Mom and Dad are so proud of you and so are me and Pops!! I've seen that beautiful smile of yours and you just get cuter and cuter each day!!

Love you so much!

MeMe said...

I finally got one of those beautiful smiles... It made my heart melt.... You have to be the smartest baby ever... Ha!

Love all of you,

Anonymous said...


You are a little darling and I love you so much!!