Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fact or Fluke?

Several people told Jake and I that if we fed Carson some rice cereal at night he would sleep longer... So we decided that he was old enough to give it a try! We started last Friday and he slept from 9:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (yay for us!!) He has also done this pretty consistently give or take an hour or two! The rice cereal either works or he suddenly decided to sleep longer... Either way we sure are enjoying it :) And feeding it to him was pretty fun too as you can see from the pictures!


Robin said...

Little Baby Carson,

I'm so proud of you for sleeping so good!! I'm also glad to hear that you are such a little piggy! You like to eat so you will fit right in with the Mitchell family! I've been thinking about you all day. I can't wait to hold you on Friday! I love you sweetie!

Cakes- I love the title! very cute! Is that last picture of him sleeping?!

C.T. said...


Yeah.. that last one was a picture of him sacked out!! That was the after effect of the cereal.. haha!

Anonymous said...


You are looking like Uncle Landon in the first picture. I am so proud of you for eating so good and letting mom and dad get their much needed beauty rest!! You're growing up way to fast but I love watching every moment!!


Zia said...

People should read this.