Sunday, July 1, 2007

Landon and Darren's All*Star Games


Robin said...

SOOOOO cute Carson!!! You have the cutest outfits. I love how all the "baseball boys" got to hold you and take a picture! In a couple of weeks we won't let any of them hold you because Aunt Robin is going to take all the turns!!! I love you sweet baby!

Anonymous said...


I agree with Aunt Robin. You were the cutest one at the ball-field!! And, when Aunt Robin comes, she can hold you all she wants because we all know that she misses you and you miss her and Uncle Clay and Noah!! You made the games special!!


Anonymous said...

Nothing like growing up at the ball park. Can't wait to see you play!


Anonymous said...

looking good like your big cousin D see ya later

luv ya,Darren