Monday, January 14, 2008

Thanksgiving 2007

cheessseee :]
My little Noah man!
Our beautiful table
the babies having fun
the turkey cooks!! yummy :]
Grammie and Carson-Tarson!

Thanksgiving 2007 was a blast! It was a little different than usual but very fun. We didn't get to see everyone at Nana's but we missed you guys! Mom hosted Thanksgiving at her house so it was just immediate family :] Jake and Clay fried the turkey for us and mom, Robin and I helped with appetizers, side items, and dessert! It was a wonderful Thanksgiving other than Dad having to work :[


MeMe said...

that is some good looking cooks!! :)

Anonymous said...


We had the best time for your first Thanksgiving!! It was very special having you and cousin Noah (the most beautiful boys in the world)!! Both of your dads fried up the most wonderful turkey!! I was most thankful to have my family there (except for poor Billy) and I loved hosting the feast but we did miss Nana and all the extended family! I love you so much!!


Pops said...

The babies are cute but what about "My Babies"? And what about my beautiful bride? I love y'all


Robin said...

what a fun thanksgiving!! the table was decorated beautifully, the food was great, and the company was best of all.

dad, thanks for the shout-out for your babies!! we can't forget how beautiful they are :)

Roy Hewitt said...

Beautiful family! Roy,