Friday, October 31, 2008

Visit to Fort Worth :]

The boys sitting in a "Pumpkin Patch" at the zoo!
Our family :]
Noah feeding Carson... hilarious!
Eating lunch at their own little table.
The boys helping Grammie with
the crescent rolls for supper!

This past weekend we took a much anticipated trip to Fort Worth! We were really missing the Iles family and needed a visit. Watching Carson and Noah play was really amazing... It's like they play together better and better each time we see them. And baby Jude is growing up so fast! Me, Jake, Mom and Landon had the privilege of babysitting the boys while Robin and Clay went to a wedding. It was super crazy but even more fun :] I was able to feed Jude his nighttime bottle and rock him to sleep, which I really enjoyed! It's weird how quick you miss it.

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